Who Are the Bad Guys in This?

This is the kind of crap Linux Hater loves because it shows how idiotic the open source community can be.

I want to provide more complete context of the quotes offered by another site’s owner/reviewer [edit due to too many IMs: yes, Distrowatch] as proof that OpenBSD people “attacked” the GNOBSD guy. I couldn’t find any attacks by OpenBSD people. They didn’t care what the guy did with their code, they only didn’t want him to advertise it in their lists — it was just wrong forum for it. But that’s not how the owner/reviewer saw it and he stoked the irrational passions of his most irrational readers.

Let’s be fair and look at the other side of the story.

First, Gilles@ replied with:

omg ... there will be blood ... :-)

Note the smiley.  How is that combative?

Bryan B next replied with legitimate questions:

You can install to a USB stick with the OpenBSD CDs.  What is special
about yours? Why add a bloated Desktop like GNOME?  What's wrong with
fvwm, ormaybe even fluxbox (in a pinch)?

Tomas B kindly replied:

You will misguide users a lot, because I think that most of the users
of OpenBSD don't need GUI installer and users which will try your OS
may think that it's somewhat easy as eg. Ubuntu because - hey, look at
this nice GUI installer and then they expect GUI everywhere.....

Don't do PR of personal projects on mailing lists which are official
for different projects ;-) Of course that you can do your own project
based on OpenBSD, but take care with marketing.

Again, note the emoticon in addition to the approval to do whatever he wants just don’t announce it on the OpenBSD lists. How mean is that?

Steph and Tomas Pf added a similar advisory about the purpose of OpenBSD lists and linked to another thread in which a similar fork was addressed. They didn’t attack GNOBSD guy.

Mehma then asked Stefan (GNOBSD guy) if he’d be interested in working within the OpenBSD project. Was that over the top?

Chris D amused me with the following:

Generally the best day to post these announcements is the first day
of the fourth month of the year.

And if you're into product life cycle management, it's a wonderful day
for a product to be out of service...

To which Bret L replied

But the day these ideas are traditionally developed is on the twentieth
day of the fourth month of the year.

Then someone from the other site, taking the reviewer’s cue to whine about abject mistreatment and abuse, jumped into the thread. Scott offered (ummm…) “sage” advice about everything from how live Linux CDs work to alternative window managers to advising GNOBSD guy to keep at it and named him an OpenBSD developer. This was corrected by Ingo S — GNOBSD is a lone wolf, not operating within OpenBSD development.

Michiel vB responded to Scott’s mistaken notions in greater detail. He pointed out that many Linux live CDs don’t work. He also addressed Scott’s complaint that FVWM is “outdated” and reiterated the bloat factor of Gnome. The most pertinent point he could make, though, was pointing out that PCBSD users don’t support FreeBSD in response to Scott’s deluded point that GNOBSD supports OpenBSD. Michiel also wrote that the OpenBSD people are okay that this project is being done but they’re not okay that their list is spammed with its announcement:

We dont worry about others, except when they start using the OpenBSD
mailinglists as free advertisment channel for their crap.

Jacob M replies to Scott that live CDs are “legacy” now.

Over all, the most inflammatory post in the whole thread is Scott’s — and he was “defending” Stefan/GNOBSD guy. There wasn’t any hostility from the OpenBSD people. They asked that announcements not be made on their list, explained that they wouldn’t use it, that it doesn’t fit in with what OpenBSD is about.

I’ve seen a lot of bullshit in my years using and cooperating with open source projects. I’ve also dealt with enough assholes in the open source community to know how rough things can get. This wasn’t rough. This was pretty gentle, even diplomatic.

Those who think this was abusive must have some pretty thin skin. Then again, I’ve been banned for having the nerve to tell people that “respect is a two way street and you might want to look both ways before crossing it.” Imagine that.

It was disrespectful for GNOBSD guy to plug on an OpenBSD list. It was disrespectful for Ladislav to make a mountain out of a molehill and besmirch the OpenBSD developers when they were very even-handed about things — certainly more even-handed than he was in taking comments out of context and suggesting things were hostile and abusive.

It was also disrespectful that his sycophants think OpenBSD developers have to cater to their whims and demands. OpenBSD is its own project and has its own goals. They don’t have to be just like any Linux distro to “succeed,” particularly since the project hasn’t ever really seen fit to use popular adoption of itself as a measure of success (compared to security, proper coding, etc.). The project shouldn’t cave to petty demands by users who aren’t sophisticated enough to bother with learning how to use it.

{KDE,Gnome,GNOBSD} != OpenBSD

At the end of the day, though, only one person at Distrowatch was respectful (well, kind of… it’s funny how I’m always the fucking asshole in these situations when others first resort to calling me “troll” and then they make additional posts to pedantically explain the obvious) enough to honestly answer my question about how much difference there is between running Gnome atop Linux or OpenBSD. There’s no difference because Gnome isn’t Linux or BSD and using a desktop environment from boot until shutdown pretty much divorces the user from the underlying operating system. Unsophisticated users — like the one who prattled on and on about themes and configuration, as if an operating system is about aesthetics — don’t actually care what’s under the hood, they just want to be able to say they ran something they didn’t really run and that in reality they didn’t even bother or desire to understand.

Since it really makes no difference to them in any meaningful way, it makes this whole thing even more amusing.

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