Examples of “Unsophisticated Users” I Mentioned at DW

I was asked to elaborate on what I meant by “unsophisticated user” before I was banned at Distrowatch earlier this week.

Fortunately, my blog is getting plenty hits for searches related to GNOBSD so now I have some examples of what I meant — just from this morning. The “unsophisticated” classification is for those whose preference is to bypass any learning curve and use a Windows-like starting point. That means no console interaction, boot straight into X and a pre-configured desktop. For example, one of the DW reviewers wants things in a NetBSD-based CD to be more like Linux Windows with automounting and tons of services running by default. And then there’s the whole thing Ladislav started by distorting what actually happened in the OpenBSD lists when GNOBSD guy decided to spam it to notify the project of his fork.

At least these people are using search engines to find information. Some unsophisticated users won’t even try looking it up before rushing to the upstream project and badgering them with questions about something they don’t even support. Which brings me to this:

Attention GNOBSD searchers landing on my blog(s) (see my BSD blog listed in the blog roll on the right): I support and recommend OpenBSD, not GNOBSD. What difference does the underlying operating system mean to you if you’re only going to run a graphical desktop environment anyway? Gnome is Gnome whether it’s on Linux or BSD or OpenSolaris or any other operating system.

Adding gnobsd category so I’ll get even more hits. Woot.

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