With End of Sun Comes End of Schwartz’ Reign (Thank Goodness)

I’d written a few posts on my non-tech blog about Sun’s demise from a finance rather than tech standpoint. Without a doubt Sun had some of the sharpest minds in the industry as far as their technology was concerned; too bad the company lacked the same acumen and expertise when it came to the business side of the equation. Now Sun employees are Oracle employees, at least for a while. It’s only a matter of time before Ellison and company pare their hefty investment down to make it a profitable enterprise. I suspect that paring will be done with an axe rather than scalpel.

Jonathan Schwartz has been rumored to have no place at Oracle –and why should he have a place there after running Sun straight into the ground and overseeing stupid purchases (e. g., MySQL) that Sun was never able to monetize? Larry Ellison doesn’t run that kind of company. Schwartz posted of his departure on his Twitter account yesterday. It’s not too surprising he’d take the demise of the company as seriously as he took running it. He leaves with haiku.

It’s also not surprising that Schwartz views Sun’s demise as tied to the financial collapse, as if that’s the only thing that doomed Sun. In fact, though, Sun’s fortunes fell with the dot-com bubble a decade ago and with executives — like Schwartz — who were in way over their heads. I’ll go further and say that Sun’s management was utterly incompetent and too ideological and caught up with buzz words to ever come up with a coherent business model which could monetize Sun’s vast assets (technology, people, etc.). That’s what led Sun from being “the dot in dot com” and a share price over $200 a few years ago to crack-whoring itself over the last year in a desperate attempt to find a buyer. Maybe I should tone down that analogy since it might give crack whores a bad name.

I have my own tortured haiku to offer to give a clearer perspective of Sun’s demise.

Once the dot in dot   
Com, now put a fork in Sun.
Ponytail failure.

Goodbye, Jonathan. I hope for the sake of hard-working employees and shareholders everywhere that you never run another company as long as you live. I know I’ll never work for or invest another cent in anything you touch.


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