Theme Fail

WordPress offers many excellent tools and easy-to-use themes, but sometimes they’re not suited for every user. Here’s an example of a new theme which I can’t use unless I delete pages or otherwise reconfigure my blog.

It’s a lovely theme which gives the actual blog content a very nice appearance, in my opinion.

The problem is the placement of all the pages and categories at the top.  This isn’t the only theme that automatically places pages and categories in a predefined position, but it illustrates the problem with certain themes for users who use a lot of categories and have multiple pages. The theme I’m currently using isn’t my first choice. It’s just one of the few that fit a particular range of criteria I have: two columns, custom header, no automatic listing of pages, widget-friendly.

I’ve chosen to use themes that don’t do this kind of thing and which allow me to set pages up and list categories via widgets. I have some work to do with getting more of my pages listed in my widgets (which has been on my to-do list for quite a while; DSL is dead so there’s really no need to get my DSL-related pages back together), but I want my front page to be clean rather than have scores of pages and categories before anyone can see any content. Maybe WordPress’ standards for themes should require the use of widgets for placement of pages and categories so they’re more usable by a wider audience.


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