Update 20100304 – Debian Updates cups and sudo, Etc.

Over the past couple days, updates have been made available for sudo and cups. Make sure you keep your system patched no matter what operating system you use.


No changes in my own systems. My desktop remains unused. I’ve yet to sell my AA1 (let alone get it ready to sell). I’m still running Lenny on my laptop, still have Gnome bloatware installed even though I’ve been using ion2 and ratpoison recently. The latter remains my favorite, though I like ion* as well. I “fixed” the issue with byte-compiling mingus (mpd client) by installing the GTK version of emacs 22; now I run “emacs -nw” in screen. I’ll probably switch back to the backports version (23) or do a clean minimal net-install, like I should’ve done even though I needed everything ready-to-roll when I installed last time. I may have more time to fiddle with everything after next weekend.

But that’s what I always think.

 07:02:22 up 19 days, 21:10,  4 users,  load average: 0.05, 0.04, 0.10

Not bad for a laptop.

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