Setting Up Desktop – Part 2

Had time to kill during a conference call Did some more work on the desktop this afternoon. Decided to scrap Gentoo install after rebooting and realizing I just want it to work ASAP without any fuss.

I decided to set up Micro Core. As I suspected, some of the extensions were problematic. First up was GNU screen since microcore boots with one tty and I need some multiplexin’ action. Unfortunately, screen insisted that it couldn’t even run on my lone tty , at least not as user tc. I could run screen as root but what’s the fun in that? I need to be user tc to use the packaging system. I added ssh and monkey (http daemon). Then I started screwing around with my persistent files and decided this wasn’t what I wanted. I’m not dissing it, but I’m also not using it. It won’t be nomadic, though I will be.

I grabbed my Debian net install mini CD and booted it. In very short order I had it installed with encrypted LVM and swap, no headaches and no convoluted hoops to jump through, with standard file layouts. I quickly added sudo, added myself to sudoers (who the fuck decided on fucking POS nano as $EDITOR?), set up group sudo to require password (one of the uneasy things I decided I wouldn’t compromise with under Micro Core), openssh-server, and am now adding various and sundry packages I need installed.

I got more done in about 30 minutes with aptitudeĀ than it took to compile the Gentoo kernel (counting a very hasty run through menuconfig). Yeah, it’s going to have a bit more bloat and it’s not as optimized. I’ll deal with all that when I have time to spend on it.

Maybe another update soon, but I think you can see from the above description that there’s nothing fancy. Hell, I didn’t even install X. Pound for pound, I’m about where I expected to be with Micro Core at this stage — with bash, with openssh, with core utils, with a variety of extensions I wanted to set up in a hurry. I still have tinkering to do, particularly with config files (which I’d have to do anyway no matter which distro I’d settled on) but it’s been a lot faster to get set up and relatively free of hassle and zero — really, zero — drama.

Now if I can find some time to finish this before I head off again…

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