TinyCore/MicroCore tty and GNU screen Fun

I mentioned in the second of my desktop posts week before last that I ran into a problem using GNU screen in MicroCore; screen just wouldn’t run on the tty as user tc. I finally had time to report the issue and got a bit of quick feedback with possible workarounds.

I have another one. I just compiled my own version in TinyCore on my AA1 and didn’t have any issues — at least not the way I configured it.


I know from packaging screen before (for DSL) that it has a variety of configuration options. One of my preferences is –disable-socket-dir so that screen uses a user (~/.screen) socket directory rather than a system one; the reason I prefer that is because I think processes run by users should be confined to their own directories as much as possible. I don’t know if that would fully resolve the way screen works in relation to how ttys are set up in Tiny/MicroCore since my set up on the AA1 is not standard TinyCore practice: I run with a user= cheatcode, I use a prefix of $HOME/local (which is in my mkshrc PATH), etc. Also, I haven’t completely compared /dev/tty* across versions to see if there are other permission issues/variations involved.

I did note that inittab respawns tty under the user= name (not root) at least in TC 2.2, which was the version I booted from hard drive. I’ll check later after the NCAA tournament using -current from USB, or more likely wait until tomorrow.

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