DSL and ext4 filesystem

Did that title get your attention?

Just a quick note based on something I’ve been seeing a lot more of lately in search engine hits to this blog. I’m getting daily hits for at least three of the four words in the title of this entry. Some days it’s just one or two. Some days it’s quite a bit more.

First and foremost, Damn Small Linux is dead. It has not been updated in over a year despite the founder’s claim in December of 2008 that he was looking into how he was going to move forward with development. Second, I don’t think ext4 is even supported in kernel 2.4. That means you’ll more than likely need to upgrade kernels (even if 2.4 does have support for ext4 now). If you have to upgrade to a 2.6 kernel, you’re probably still screwed because it’s not as simple as swapping out kernels. That’s probably more true for something like DSL which really needs some freshening up in the base anyway.

I don’t know if people are looking to mount existing ext4 partitions as ext3 under DSL or if they want to use ext4 as a filesystem for DSL. In my opinion, either way is foolish. DSL had very limited filesystem support in the base and beyond a few filesystem tools extensions. Regardless, you’re probably better off looking for more sensible alternatives that wouldn’t require the work DSL would just to handle ext4 partitions.


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