RIM to Update Blackberry OS, New Models, Voice over Wifi

Details are starting to trickle out about Research in Motion’s forthcoming update to the Blackberry OS. Some uninformed reporters pan the improvements and even mislead readers about what’s actually already available for Blackberry users. For example, the linked article suggests efforts of updating Blackberry are “too little too late” even though separate apps are available; the same is true for those unimpressed with the native Blackberry browser — Opera Mini works just fine on most models.

A better-informed article can be found at PCMag. It has much more detail about the new browser as well as the new UI.

Macworld also has a fair appraisal of RIM’s new models and features, including Mobile Voice System 5. MVS allows business users deploying Cisco Unified Communications Manager to switch between their landline phones and Blackberry using one phone number. This means companies with roaming workers can save a lot of money. Of course, they could save even more if MVS could work with a less costly telephony deployment.


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