Addressing More Search Engine Hit Topics

I continue to get frequent traffic relating to Damn Small Linux. Some of the more common search engine hits are like this one this morning:

damn small linux dead?

The answer to that is, “Yes.” If John Andrews is doing any work on it, he’s not been very open about it in the DSL forums. In fact, his last message about DSL’s future was in December of 2008. I also haven’t seen any posts about new extensions, updates, anything.

I also get lots of hits about ext4 support in DSL. As I wrote back on April 18th, DSL had limited filesystem support in its base and even via extensions. I don’t know if ext4 can even be supported with a 2.4 kernel.

Which brings up another area of DSL-related hits here. There seems to be some interest in a 2.6 version of DSL. That’s funny because there was a 2.6 side project called DSL-N. As it hasn’t been updated in years, either, consider it dead.

Anyone desiring “updated” DSL would do well to consider TinyCore, which is developed by Robert Shingledecker, who was responsible for most of the innovations and development that made DSL popular, and a very talented team he’s assembled. Its philosophy is a bit more radical due to its modularity than  DSL but anyone who ever got into DSL should find the transition easy.

Finally, I have good news for people ending up here looking for information about Scientific Linux 5.5. I saw yesterday that it’s out of beta and the mirrors now have release candidate 1. I can’t speculate when it’ll hit release and it should be a few days later if you want a SL55 live CD image. CentOS 5.5 should be out soon, too; Karanbir Singh’s latest update was, “We are working up to a release in the next few days.”

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