TechCrunch Circle Jerk Hits It Over iPad

I don’t know why I’m entering anything else about iPads, but TechCrunch held a “Disrupt” event and the media types involved in a forum about the iPad couldn’t stop gushing about it. Warning, the article has a scary NSFW image up some fat chick’s skirt (heh, I’m exaggerating that but  I’m going to watch my stats to see how many hits that link gets from my site).

Some of the claims are a bit wild. Anything which says “Apple is in control…” is a bit redundant considering what control freaks the folks in Cupertino are about everything. That includes the control they want over their entire ecosystem, which leads to inquiries from the government about anti-trust. Anyway, the article includes this bit of puffery:

Apple is in control right now because they’re the first to market with a killer product, but others will emulate them, reasons Pearlstine. He believes a lot of the content on these type of tablets [sic] will eventually be web-based rather than app-based…

I’m not convinced it’s a killer product. I’m also unconvinced it’s the first such device to market. It’s certainly been the most (over-)hyped of such devices. And Apple will spare no expense to continue over-hyping it as revolutionary when they’re only taking an existing platform and implementing it in a strategy of selling (and tightly controlling) applications users can buy from them. This is a marketing revolution, not a technology revolution. It’s also not so revolutionary anymore considering it’s the same fucking model they’ve successfully used for iPod (plus iTunes) and duplicated with iPhone (and the AppStore); lure consumers in with overpriced and underwhelming hardware, lock them into your services (which is where the money really rolls in), then count the suckers’ money. Third times the charm is not a revolution.  When the media slather all over themselves about a device and/or the potential of the ecosystem a company like Apple builds around it, I yawn. It’s just a business model.

The worst part of all this, though, is that when a bunch of media types pretty much think the same about something, some of them probably aren’t thinking at all.


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