Totally F’ing Retarded

I noticed when I was installing CentOS 6 that I was getting packages for git, cvs, and svn. I didn’t see bzr flash up but I wasn’t too distraught since I doubted I’d even use the other versioning systems much on this computer. I was wrong about that — I’ve been using some development versions of various software and most of them use either git or cvs.

This morning, I needed something in a hurry and found it uses bizarre bazaar. I checked to see if bzr was already installed and ended up installing it. I started to fetch a branch and decided while it was downloading to check some websites. Mind you, all this is occurring in GNU screen. I decided to maximize my terminal. A few minutes later I realized my wireless LED was no longer blinking so I presumed my downloading had finished.


I had a message that said: [Errno 4] Interrupted system call. WTF?

So I looked it up. First thing I found was this bug at launchpad. I’ve run into curses-based applications crashing due to resized console issues but never something that’s strictly run command line.


Then I remembered who sponsors its development. The same people who bring us Ubuntu.

At least the bug has reportedly been fixed (per the launchpad link above). Hopefully that will quickly make its way into the versions used by RHEL/clones. In the meantime, if you’re using the bzr version found in CentOS and SL base, don’t resize your terminal during bzr operations.

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