Blackout and Bling

My bling theme is the result of experimentation to see if I could make metallic-like gradients I like. I think I do. This is kind of flashy, so I think it looks better on lighter backgrounds. I’m working on similar “shiny” themes.

I don’t know why I named it blackout except I originally was going to do something that would make Oakland Raiders fans happy (since not much else does lately). I used orange for highlighting and I liked it so much I left it. Also submitted were variations with cyan and green. It also looks good with red (though I tend to reserve red for root on my own computer). I also tried it with grey88 for a more silvery Raider look — it’s nice. I think you can find this wallpaper online if you search “ripples” long enough.

Here it is in red with artwiz-snap. I really like snap but I prefer the larger size of smoothansi (each font has only one size). Maybe my eyes are just getting too old and forcing me to be practical. Here are two menu detail shots with black versus silver folder icons.

Finally, this shot shows the detail of the window border (with blackandblue, which is really cyan). In the theme I submitted, the border was grey11. This is changed grey22 (matches the top part of the gradient) on a solid black background:

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