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More CrunchBang De-Bloat

July 18, 2009

I decided to cut some more bloat. Among (many) other things:

% sudo aptitude remove firefox firefox-3.0 ubufox firefox-3.0-branding
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Reading extended state information
Initializing package states... Done
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  firefox firefox-3.0 firefox-3.0-branding ubufox
0 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 4 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Need to get 0B of archives. After unpacking 4317kB will be freed.
Writing extended state information... Done
(Reading database ... 105476 files and directories currently installed.)
Removing ubufox ...
Removing firefox ...
Removing firefox-3.0 ...
Removing manually selected alternative - switching to auto mode
Removing firefox-3.0-branding ...
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
Reading extended state information
Initializing package states... Done
Writing extended state information... Done

I was going to seriously vent my spleen about this but I won’t right now except to say that I’m increasingly dissatisfied with Firefox. It’s become a complete pig and I think time has proven that it’s not much safer than any other browser. It has greater requirements than other browsers, including IE. If I need to use a Mozilla-based browser, I’ll use conkeror (which I’ve installed).

I’m getting ready to start removing other things, including openbox (which I’m unlikely to ever use), dwm, vim, and a number of other apps I either don’t use or probably never will. I noticed one of those apps-I-won’t-use was patched the other day. (Speaking of patching, I saw my update yesterday made me a brand spanking new initrd. WTF-ever.)


It may have been easier to do a netinstall/minimal install and only set up what I actually wanted. Which isn’t much at all. Notice I keep wanting “less work” with all this shit only to end up compiling my own damn kernel, downloading sources for things like libmtp to “fix” what’s available in repos, etc.? I also have the latest sources for ratpoison (released in June). Why would I recompile that? Because I don’t think I really need xft for ratpoison — not to mention whatever other patches are applied. There are other things I want to update/fix/recompile. Before long, I’ll have nearly every -dev package for everything I have installed.

Which makes me wonder, if I’m going to keep recompiling stuff I may as well install a source-based distro or build from scratch. At this point, I wish I’d done that when I decided to unify my disparate Linux partitions. If you want something done right, gotta do it yourself.

It’s never too late.

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Update 20090627

June 27, 2009

I’m still unable to run yet (lingering fatigue from the flu combined with a heat wave) so my early morning hours are filled with catching up with work. Screwing around with Fedora has been an anti-priorirty until this morning (at 4:30 no less).

I think I booted into Linux three times all week (checked last: four times – twice on Monday, once Tuesday, once this morning). Spent most of the week working within Windows playing catch-up. I never installed Firefox under XP on my AA1; I’ve been using IE8 and Opera instead. I finally installed xulrunner and conkeror, though, yesterday. May install conkeror under Fedora, too.

Here’s GNU screen running mplayer (streaming, emacs opened with probably two dozen more buffers than I’m using or paying attention to (mostly dired — need to see if I can reuse  the same buffer), w3m opened to my blog, and some chatting. This is all within ratpoison, of course. I got rid of that lxpanel thing.


I installed GraphicsMagick instead of imagemagick so my file names are automatically set and everything’s handled with simple keystrokes. I saw that GraphicsMagick did the same things as imagemagick only faster and better with fewer libraries. Not sure how true the claims are but I decided it was worth a try. Only difference I had to adjust to was invoking “gm” before imagemagick command names in my scripts and configuration files (e. g., the aliases and commands I have set up in .ratpoisonrc).

Likely to remove some Gnome bloat sooner than later, but still have some apprehension. I wanted to see where pekwm would fit in comparison to ratpoison and fluxbox. It was much closer to fluxbox so I’ll remove it.

window manager resource use
doesn't include additional/related processes
taken at fresh start
ps aux | grep [window manager name]

lucky13      0.1  0.4  10264  4172 ?        S    04:43   0:00 pekwm
lucky13      1.6  0.4  10808  5068 ?        S    04:46   0:00 fluxbox
lucky13      0.2  0.1   5476  1556 ?        S    04:47   0:00 ratpoison

pekwm with default theme
fluxbox theme "green tea" and very small menu
ratpoison with custom .ratpoisonrc

Not doing anything drastic today beyond tweaking .emacs and moving old scripts to the AA1. I’ve considered upgrading the AA1 to Windows 7 when it’s released (October 22). I’d like to see that everything’s working better under Linux than it has thus far, which is why I still have XP installed and why I’m still leaning towards Windows 7. Right now there are too many things keeping me from considering running Linux-only on this: having to boot with an SD card inserted to use the reader, crazy wireless shit that’s happened on multiple occasions now (changing SSIDs and even disabling the wireless card), etc.

One final note about the DSL hard drive PDF I’ve not been able to finish yet. I don’t know if or when I’ll get around to it between catching up from being sick to vacation to the simple fact that DSL is dead and I think there are too many better options for those who want a traditional hard drive install. I thought interest would wane since DSL’s development has come to a screeching halt (last time I checked, John Andrews had posted no updates, roadmaps, polls for what direction users wanted DSL to go, etc.), but every day I’m getting hits from DSL forum links and from Google searches related to DSL hard drive installs. So maybe I’ll finish it anyway. Even though it’s about half finished (I want to add new screenshots and other images to make it as easy as possible) I’d rather spend that time writing a guide for something under active development. Maybe I’ll post my own poll about all that and see if there’s any interest either way.