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Disabling Flash and Other Addons in IE8

March 19, 2010

Flash is ubiquitous, and that means it’s going to be one of the targets used by the criminal class to attack users. Most users allow it to run full stop regardless of whether they trust sites or not. This is probably not a good idea given the frequency of Adobe’s need to patch Flash. Flash should only be allowed to run from trusted sites, and probably only as needed.

I wanted to see if I could find something that would allow me to control when and where Flash works while using IE8 on my Aspire One. Turns out you don’t need an add-on to control your other add-ons — Microsoft enables such granularity within IE8.

Go to Tools-Manage Add-ons. Find Flash (you may have to select the “show all” option to find it). When you open the settings, you can “remove all sites” (the * wildmark is probably listed). Once you do that, you’ll be able to set new rules for which sites can run Flash on your computer.

When you hit a site with Flash content, you’ll get a notice on the top part of the browser area asking if you want to enable it. Select yes and you’ll allow Flash from that particular site. Don’t do anything and you’ll only be prompted again in the future.

You can (should) periodically review which sites you allow and remove ones you don’t want to permanently run Flash without interaction. This gives you, the user, ultimate control over which sites do what with your browser. And it’s not limited to Flash — you can set up and control all your add-ons the same way.