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De-Bloating PCLOS on AA1

March 23, 2009

I’ve been a lot busier today than I was supposed to be so I didn’t have time to make a bigger dent in the overhead that’s part of a PCLOS install. That didn’t deter me, though, from setting up a very nice and light runlevel 3. Still have a lot left to unbloat, but I’m making a little improvement on a daily basis.

The pay off for my efforts? I’m only using about 50MB at boot into console with ksh as my shell. It’s a bit over double that after startx into ratpoison, starting aterm, and executing free. That sets me up using about 10% of my RAM at the start of a session, which is similar to my old DSL setup on my desktop

This is likely all for naught. If I can get more than a few minutes here and there, I’d really like to install something that gives me a clean slate to buld upon rather a bunch of extraneous stuff for me to remove, shut off, or recompile. Can’t wait to see how screwy things get when I start removing KDE stuff. I’m still considering  FreeBSD and NetBSD, but leaning more towards Slackware-current. Wish I had more time now but morning will be here too soon.

Edited 20090324: Boring screenshot.


Added Smaller Window Managers on Aspire One

March 21, 2009

Continuing to configure PCLOS on my AA1, still some hardware issues to iron out. Still trying to reduce system overhead. Had one total lock up earlier when trying to get the card readers to work; also failed to successfully recover from suspending last night. Way to go, Team Linux. Wankers.

Oh yeah, I also found a newer toy of mine that will not work under Linux. I’ll have a separate post about that tomorrow or Monday. It’s a Windows world, baby. Get over it.

Tired of hardware issues — thankfully, XP works fine — so I’m moving on  to less serious things. I really like KDE but I think it’s a bit much. PCLOS doesn’t have much besides KDE, Gnome, Xfce, fluxbox, windowmaker, and OpenBox in their repositories. Gotta take matters in my own hands. I installed X lib headers. Compiled jwm, dwm, ratpoison. Added kdm desktop session files for each. Need to make jwm menu and add some of my old tweaks. Running ratpoison now. Freaking COOL — ratpoison on an Aspire One with its puny keyboard:


Also compiled emacs, naim, and tmux (BSD-licensed alternative for GNU screen) from source. I have to say tmux is more than a BSD-licensed alternative to screen — it seems to better execute the whole multiplexing concept and it’s a lot smaller.

I’m using pdksh from the repositories (because I saw it listed). Default terminal in ratpoison is Eterm (also from repositories). What else? Dillo from the repositories is going to be replaced by dillo from source and patch for tabs.

I mentioned my aggravation at the way this was configured via the automatic set up and that I could end up doing something drastic. I’m not going to add much more since I have the things I want and need (, mplayer for multimedia, browsers, etc.), and I’m probably going to start removing a bunch of stuff in the interim. Longer term, I’m leaning towards a much leaner install of Slackware or NetBSD. That will have to wait at least another week. Just not enough time to deal with it now.

Edit20090322: Just have a minute to update this. I ditched Eterm for aterm, recompiled ratpoison accordingly (it allows compile-time setting of default X terminal). Here’s a shot of a tmux session and a ratpoison window listing.


One of the cool things about tmux is that it automatically updates its bottom title bar with the current process’ names. So I could stop top in the fourth (3) instance and its title would change back to ksh.

I compiled elinks unstable branch yesterday. I’ll probably revert to stable sometime this coming week.

BTW, I really hate the wallpaper (five minutes wasted in GIMP) and that font sucks. I’ll install terminus when I get a chance. No time now.

Sidux Update: 2008-01 Preview 1 (pending KDE 3.5.9)

March 2, 2008

In relation to my upgrades I wrote about this morning, it appears I’m just about up to date with what the sidux gang are doing.

sidux 2008-01 preview 1:

Please note this is not the final release, the full featured final release of “Νυξ” will be ready in about 2-3 weeks (depending on the availability of KDE 3.5.9 in Debian sid), intermediate xdeltas will be provided as needed until then.

At least I have a time line for when I can expect KDE 3.5.9 to show up in the repositories. Other updates in sidux include latest kernel (, improved wifi support, and support for more webcams.