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Google Begins Backtrack from Buzz Privacy Fiasco

February 14, 2010

NYT reports that Google is modifying the way their Buzz social networking service sets up users with a group of followers by default. Of course, the problem with the default is that it listed e-mail contacts publicly so anyone looking at your Buzz account would know who’s in your address book. With the way Google wanted to run this service, users had zero privacy.

I’m still pissed off about the way Google chose to force this service upon users — not to mention the manner in which they did it — and I have little faith that they won’t pull shit like this again. It took a lot of effort by the public to get them to relent, and this was at least the third time they moved in the right direction. The fact that they’d even force users to opt-out and remove people from their “followers” lists demonstrates a serious lack of respect for their users’ privacy.

Google Buzz: My First Step

February 12, 2010

You fuck with me, I fuck with you. Google, you’re no longer my default search engine.

If Bing doesn’t find what I want quickly enough, I’ll use scroogle to get what I need from that other site — and I just set it up and moved G* to the end of my list.

Now I need to see what I can do to get around all the G*-centrisms in conkeror.

Google Buzz: No Privacy By Default

February 12, 2010

I was incredulous when I first read that Google was opting gmail users into their new Buzz social networking service. I was even more incredulous when I found out that contacts are included by default as “followers” and, thus, are made public. By default.


I don’t want to do “social networking.” I sure as fuck don’t want my contacts made public so that anyone — stalkers, employers, family, etc. — can see who’s in my address book.

Fucking assholes. This is why I always thought Google was a bigger problem than Microsoft — Google has a lot more control over data and accessing it, and they seem to have enough amoral fucktards working for them who don’t understand that most people don’t want their entire private lives to be open books for the world to read.

Google, please do the right thing and make this stupid service opt-in and, at the very least, stop the practice of automatically adding contacts to anything visible by the public. What’s next — showing my Google search history alongside my contacts? If I wanted to do any social networking and share my life with the whole fucking world like that, I want to do it on my own terms — not yours.

Goddamn, I’m mad now.