JWM Aesthetics

JWM can take on any look the user desires. It’s also extremely versatile. Users can set up multiple trays. I use two: the one across the top (usually on autohide to maximize screen real estate) and another in the bottom right corner that’s always on autohide. The bottom corner tray is set with a larger geometry so the icons don’t squish too much. It stays out of the way when not in use. Unfortunately, autohide doesn’t work well when trying to avoid using a touchpad mouse — JWM is very well adapted to using keybindings, so all bases are covered whether I’m carrying a USB mouse or not (though I tend to use ratpoison almost exclusively on laptop — exception is when running something like GIMP that doesn’t really work well in ratpoison).

Here are a few shots of JWM with different styling. Most recent first. Most of the DSL4 icons look a little better on a darker background. I changed a few icons, most of them from kdelook.org that I batch converted with imagemagick. In the top pic, I used an edited Vista wallpaper and just wanted a colorscheme that didn’t clash too much with it. I was tweaking darker greys (grey22) with green, cyan, and blue and immediately liked the cyan (I think it’s actually skyblue) because it’s similar to blueglass or whatever the theme for fluxbox is called. My .Xdefaults is set with foreground and cursor green. I just realized conky isn’t running in this shot, but the colors are set to white/light grey text with green bars and and the changing stats in cyan.

I did the T Rex “theme” because someone gave me flack for still using a sub-Ghz laptop. The colors are the same as these screenshots. The icons are from NeXT (also used in JWM menu after this shot was taken) and I’m running rox pinboard in this shot. The gradients are grey44:grey22 (and default menu settings are the same — I changed the active background to match the gradient after this shot was taken). I also set the task item width after this shot to 80 pixels so the whole taskbar wouldn’t be hogged up by one or two applications. I moused-over the bottom right tray; this shot was before I removed separate applications from the top tray.

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