JWM – Evil Glow Themes

I was experimenting with a few colors on dark backgrounds and wondered if a theme that’s basically an outline would look okay. I have mixed opinions. I realize these aren’t for everyone. At least the red, blue, and purple — they hurt my eyes (I call them evil for a reason). Green is probably borderline for some folks. The orange, yellow, and cyan are a bit easier for longer periods of time. Maybe someone will like these. I don’t (except for the cyan and orange).

I’ll post these themes in the forums as soon as I can get DSL’s servers to respond. Not sure why the server is so slow. They’re now posted.

4 Responses to “JWM – Evil Glow Themes”

  1. Jorge Calvo Says:

    Where can I get these evil JWM glow themes?

    • lucky Says:

      Sorry for the delay in replying. The evil glow themes are posted at the DSL forums. I also think there’s a package of them and others in the old DSL repositories (if you can find them mirrored online anymore). The thread at the DSL forums is linked below, and the evil glow code is posted at the bottom of the first page of that thread. Easiest way to change those settings, IMO, is to factor them out of the jwmrc and use an INCLUDE tag in it. If you have several ‘themes’ you like, you could use an INCLUDE to something like $HOME/.jwm-theme and symlink that to whichever theme you want to use at any given time. IIRC, that’s what roberts did with his script in DSL. Been so long now that I don’t remember…

      relevant thread at DSL forums

  2. Jorge Calvo (@munchmies) Says:

    cant see the purple theme its not in there in hread.

    I got other themes to work…..no worries

    I think these are the best looking themes in jwm’s library period!

    I find Icewm look ugly despite its claimed GUI appeal

    • lucky Says:

      Thanks for the comments on the jwm themes. I’m not anti-icewm but there are some decent as well as outdated themes for it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are applications that don’t work well in jwm (full screen bugs) but they’re fine in icewm. At the end of the day, performance trumps aesthetics.

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