JWM Sucks

Some DSL users think JWM is too plain.

The bling theme is available in a thread I started at the DSL Forums in the Extensions – Window Managers section. I’ll edit the link as soon as I can get on their server again.

Here are the wallpapers in these shots. I made them in GIMP. They’re not terribly large so they won’t clutter up your RAM. No license. If you like, cool. If you don’t like, cool. If you want to share or distribute, cool. If you want to use it in any other endeavor for fun or money, cool.

Merlot – 8.98 kb

Navy1 – 13.5 kb

Navy2 – 7.18 kb

Green – 12.9 kb

Godiva – 14.1 kb

For what it’s worth, I set my computer back on the navy2 background after these shots (I didn’t upload a screenshot of navy1 but it’s the same tone except with different textures).

edit: Here are two more shots with dfm. The first shot shows my second tray butted up to the tray across the top.

In the second shot, I made a 4×4 pixel gradient xpm to see how it would look as a background in dfm windows. My conclusion: very tacky. I set a suitable tint instead so it’s  not stark white.

2 Responses to “JWM Sucks”

  1. Laura Michaels Says:

    I’ve been using Openbox but wanted something lighter, so just started using jwm. I really like your bling theme. Wasn’t able to follow the link to the DSL forum. Is there a way to get a copy of your .jwmrc settings and see how you set this up? Thanks.

    • lucky Says:

      Sorry for the delay in approving and replying. I’ll see if I can find those menu settings (check back early December-ish) but that’s all from several years ago. I don’t remember if those were included in the DSL package of jwm themes or not but you might try looking for that if the DSL founder still has those available thru his website.

      If you can’t wait any longer and want to experiment, IIRC I basically fiddled with gold/tan colors in the gradient til it looked “blingy” enough. You can probably figure out the color codes by using one of the screenshots and analyzing the colors using a color selector (such as in GIMP).

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