DSL Screenshot

This is nothing fancy, but I value function over aesthetics. I run rox atop oroborus (thanks to Robert for the tip). I didn’t want a menu or taskbar (not even one that autohides), so it was between evilwm and oroborus.


Top to bottom:
Rox panel with 32 pixel icons (I plan to scale those to 20 or 16 to minimize the footprint of the panel).
Hidden/iconized SeaMonkey, Gaim, Gimp, etc.

close up

The background color is gray70. The GTK theme carried over to the panel is GTKBe. The XMMS theme is ClearGnome from WinAmp. The icons are collected from various sources. The three colors in my .torsmorc are gray35, darkorange, and dodgerblue4. I have a folder full of wallpaper that I don’t use.

I have four pinboards (more like usual desktop icons) and a couple different panels. This panel is my “basic” general-use one, and the other is for work.

The leftmost (on the right side) folder icon with the cogwheel is my menu. It has scripts, symlinks, etc., for the apps that either came with DSL or that I’ve added via MyDSL and compiling. The panel bar “pulls” in either direction to scroll through the rest of the icons; the icons for my mount points and the icons for my system tools are hidden on the other side of the panel.

Edited 20040730: Scaled icons to 24×24, changed background color to gray84 to match GTK theme color (which is used on the Rox panel), and moved mount icons back to pinboard. Here’s the latest. XMMS skin is XMMSPod. Note 40+ day uptime.still rox

See also: my other page of shots.

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