DSL: Screenshots – Part III

I decided to edit another (!!!) set of icons. I like these because they don’t break in GTK1. The set is Tulliana 1.0. I decided to stick with the whole set and edit a few together with what it had in the package (and a couple more that it lacked, including Tux). These are kind of similar to the rox icons, and a lot nicer (IMO) than another set I found especially for rox.

I also used icons from the same set on the rox toolbar. The icon on the right end is for hidden files (the extra Tuxes behind the transparent window are more clear on my monitor than in the shot). I edited together the MIME icon for pls files and also set it up on a folder for streams and podcasts; I also did more MIME icons including for MyDSL packages (single-click launch!).

The oroborus theme is slimline, and I’m using the coldsteel scheme. I even made up a little wallpaper using a blue penguin to match the GTK theme (I like my background to either match the rox panel or not contrast too much with it). The wallpaper is only about 10kb so I don’t feel too reckless. The xmms skin is a “cleaned” version of a WinAmp skin called iTuned. I covered up the apples with another Tux icon but removed the name. Both penguins (xmms and wallpaper) were from the same site but the link I have appears to be dead.

I still need to go through and change DirIcons for the panel and in the menu.


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