DSL: Screenshots Part IV

I edited and changed icon sets again. This set is a little more “adult” than the previous set. Most of the icons I’m using are from a kdelook set called black + white. My GTK1 theme is XenoProgeny (came with switch.dsl, and which I’ll tweak a little to use a more greenish color for highlighting instead of its current aqua blue) and the XMMS skin is gloomygray-two (which I think is one of the coolest-looking skins in the minimized and stretched state like I use it; I run it like that so I can get the longer ID3 tags from my classical collection to fit, but I also think it looks cool running under the panel and separated from the rest of the desktop so I don’t have to cover it up) from WinAmp.

There are a few changes I’ve made: I removed the KDE logo from folders, I added a red tint to my root aterm icon (third icon from left on right half of panel), and threw together some new MIME-type icons using a combination of what they had in the set and what I needed to represent stuff on my computer. Here’s an idea of some of the MIME icons I edited. I’m still playing around with the set, and I’m using the default sound icon from the set for MP3s.

I’m currently using the grey AppDir icon, but I think I’ll change it so the label is along the left side like in the green one. I also may still just use the green one to break the grey monotony (which I don’t mind — shades of grey are much easier on the eyes after a long day in front of the computer than high-contrasts and wild color schemes) and distinguish the fact that AppDirs are executable.

I still need to tweak icons for GIMP and NVU so they don’t stick out so bad. I also need to edit together a few more folders and decide if I like the “work” folder style better than the one I have for my blog folder, or if I even want text on them.

I also did some heavier editing of the hard drive icon so I can use the mount/unmount overlay on the icon. I’m including pics of both my screenshot and the original HDD icon from the set.

I lost the shadow effect of the original, but I like the overlay where it is (maybe smaller) as opposed to having multiple “lights” on the device.


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