Mac-ish Roxtop

Here’s the latest from my Rox-on-DSL box. Nothing fancy at all. I swapped out the pretty 48×48 icons for some old school (and lightly edited — I hated the shadow effect used on the set I downloaded) 32×32 Mac icons that are about a fifth the file size of what I was previously using (see screenshots IV page linked above under pages). While I was at it, I edited a set of MIME-type icons along with some application/AppDir icons. Visible are the Tux-in-a-Mac icon for home (left-most corner) as well as the terminal icons on the right side.

The oroborus theme is my scaled-down version of platinum. I edited most of the default icons to make at least the title bars smaller and more reasonable for the smaller screen I have on that computer. I blurred out the title because it has the system name (dittos for user@host in aterm) on it, but the font (artwiz aqui) is the same as the text under the pinboard icons.

Edit: Here’s the root filer window. Don’t laugh at Tux in a Mac for /home. And I don’t know how in the world that JPG got such a pink tint to it. The background should be as white inside the window as it is on the desktop in the full screenshot above.


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