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Video: Linux ath5k Reboot (Part 2)

August 18, 2009

Yeah, it so deserves a friggin’ sequel.  This was post-reboot. As you can see, the Atheros device wasn’t even detected in dmesg, lspci, etc.

That meant no scanning, no connecting, nothing. What’s the purpose of a netbook if it can’t fucking network?

As I note in the comments, it took me several reboots this time — and yet again in both Linux and Windows — to re-detect the device and be able to network.

Let me make a disclaimer. I’ve followed the bug reports on this from the first time it happened to me. What is it now, nearly six months? I appreciate the serious effort these people are making to make this device class function under Linux. As of my most recent kernel, though, I think it’s proven to still be at a development-stage and still quite unstable. I don’t recommend using Linux on Aspire Ones or other devices using the ath5k driver unless you have a high threshhold for pain and can live with it stopping suddenly and for no apparent reason like this. Maybe they’ll get it functioning better soon. I hope they do.

In the meantime, I’m faced with either changing cards or using Windows rather than Linux. My AA1 is off warranty in a couple months. I may switch cards before then. Or I may spring for Windows 7. The irony of this is, all of this happened while I was making another screencast demonstrating why I was going to ditch CrunchBang/Ubuntu for TinyCore. That’s when the audio from the stream stopped and I realized I was dealing with this mess again.

Caveat emptor. One man’s “free as in freedom” is another man’s quintuple reboot to get the damn thing to work correctly again.

Video: Linux ath5k Fail (Part 1)

August 18, 2009

I was going to try to work out of Linux all day today. Guess what happened at lunch. I went through another spell with the flaky ath5k driver. Here’s part one.

This is right about the time it happened. My only indication of a problem was the drop of the audio stream. I knew what the problem was right away and this time decided to vent my spleen with some video.