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AA1 + madwifi-hal + WPA = FAIL

August 27, 2009

I’ve started another video but need to edit it together and this time there will be voice-over (oh dear). For now, here’s a couple screenshots to show that the problem isn’t going away with madwifi-hal. Happened a couple hours ago. See the “stream” aterm listed on my tray? That’s mplayer with a stream. It disappeared right after I took this screenshot. And the page I was trying to load in Opera wouldn’t.


The first thing I did was attempt to ping out. No luck. Then I looked to see if dmesg had something revealing, and it did.


I rebooted into TinyCore and immediately checked to see if the card was detected. I was pretty sure it would be just like the timeouts with ath5k and that I wouldn’t even appear to have a wireless card. Being right all the time is more a curse to me than to everyone else around me. Believe it or not.


I went ahead and ran my script to connect to my home AP. No surprises. Can’t connect with what’s not there. Or what’s not recognized.

Movie version later. I’ll try to keep it rated no worse than PG-13.

(edited mildly)